Why Kieyos

Kieyos gives you everything you need to expand into international markets and look smart doing it. We not only get you licensed to sell overseas, we’ll also connect you to your first client and deliver your product to their door.

International connections, personalized support and insight you can trust. Kieyos is your gateway to global business.

What we offer

Peace of Mind

  • Know what you need to sell overseas—and get it done
  • Navigate compliance process & nuances of global trade
  • Manage logistics from U.S. port to your client’s door


  • Streamline your efforts and accelerate time to market
  • Simplify: one invoice, one vendor, one point of contact
  • Remove distractions, eliminate complexity


  • Gain foresight into new market opportunities
  • Get access to new clients & the right sales channels
  • Lead negotiations with relevant market insights

Strategic Partnership

  • Earn a partner who is invested in your long-term success
  • Share risk, meet your unique needs & anticipate issues
  • Identify new international opportunities for growth